Jeszcze nie ma żadnych miotow. / No litter yet.


We place great emphasis on proper socialization of kittens.

Toddlers will be with us 24 hours a day. They will accompany us in
daily activities. Also they will grow up with our two young children. We guarantee that toddlers will be accustomed to noises, screams of children. We invite you to visit our breeding and familiarize yourself with our cats and the conditions in which
they live.

Our cats leave the breeding in age of 13 weeks. They will be
grafted twice and triply dewormed.

To the new home they will take:

– FIFE origin
– health book
– cat layette
– sale and purchase agreement

We keep in touch with new owners of kittens. Also we offer our help and advices.

Price of the kittens is determined individually depending on the breeding classification.

Breeding classification:

– PET – can’t be used as a breeding cat.
– SHOW/NEUTER – only for exhibitions
– SHOW/BREED – breeding and exhibitions
– BREED – breeding, with little flaws in coat

Kitten status:

– Available – kitten is free, can be reserved
– Preliminary reservation – reservation, which last one week. For people who are interested in cat, but didn’t give deposit. You can enter the waiting list in the event of the resignation of a cat.
– Reservation – deposit has been paid, but kitten is not available yet.
– Observation – we watch how the kitten grows.
PET and SHOW/NEUTER cats leave the breeding after the castration surgery.

Deposit is not refundable, if the future owner withdraws from the purchase of a cat or if the cat won’t be received.

I reserve the right to withdraw from the contract of sale of a
cat. In this case, the deposit will be returned.
We sell only pedigree cats.